10/02/09 Grif.Net – Non-Stop Word Plays

10/02/09 Grif.Net – Non-Stop Word Plays

This is from a newsgroup that specializes in puns and word plays. Somebody
wrote something about a lion, but he misspelled ‘lion’ as ‘loin’. In any
other setting, people would just recognize the typo (or miss it entirely)
and carry on. In this group you can bet somebody will make something out of
it. Below are (highly edited) excerpts of some of the responses:

First potshot: I knew tigers were dangerous, but that bit about a large
hungry loin taking down a deer was especially frightening.

So somebody else added: You ought to see what an entire porterhouse can do
to an elk.

And another: That depends on whether it is a flank attack or not.

Yet another: I wouldn’t steak my life on it.

And more: Gnaw…me neither.

This thread is showing an annoying tendon-cy to go off topic.

I get it! All these comments are in the same vein!

Did we hit a tender spot there?

No, he is just ribbing you.

Please, spare me!

There is more here than meats the eye.

Do you have a bone to pick with this thread?

WELL DONE (which is RARE for this MEDIUM)

. . . and so it continues.

Dr Bob Griffin
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