10/01/09 Grif.Net – Walls

10/01/09 Grif.Net – Walls

QUIZ TIME! The correct answer will contain the word “Wall”. Your task is
to take the vague clue and discern WHAT “wall” is the RIGHT “wall”. Answers
Monday if I can get close enough for cell connection.

Ex: The 37 foot high Green Monster in Fenway Park original name [Ans: “The

1 Waste-collecting Pixar robot

2 South Dakota oasis of free ice-water

3 13th time around they fell down flat

4 Home of Bulls and Bears of free enterprise

5 Hurricane-tamer on Galveston Bay

6 5000 miles long, built over 2 millennia and visible from space

7 Moniker of Gen. Thomas J Jackson, CSA

8 All that remains of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (looking for REAL name)

9 Checkpoint Charlie allowed passage from East to West

10 246 ft black granite monument on the Washington Mall

11 Ancient marker of the border of Scotland and England

12 Hitler’s defense of Western Europe from possible Allied invasion

13 Wyoming hideout of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

14 Royal Caribbean’s exercise area on the stern of cruise ships

15 Good fences make good neighbors

Dr Bob Griffin
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