09/03/09 Grif.Net – Addicted to your computer

09/03/09 Grif.Net – Addicted to your computer

Ten ways to know that you’re addicted to your computer:

10) When you begin to laugh you yell, LOL.
9) You tell your computer you love it more than you tell your spouse.
8) You think of the computer in your office as your “friend,” but you forget
to send your father a birthday card.
7) Your house catches on fire and you rush home to save your computer before
your family.
6) You’re not anti-social; you’re just not user friendly
5) Your motto: “Friends don’t let friends use Windows”
4) You type 40 words a minute with two fingers.
3) Your twins are named RAM & ROM.
2) After breaking from your computer, you realize you have gained 40lbs,
have grown hair in unusual places, your spouse and kids have left you, and
Windows Vista has replaced XP.
1) You read the Grif.Net every day!

ANSWERS: Who Wants to Be a Wyoming Millionaire?

100 c) Cheyenne
200 d) Equality State
400 a) North Dakota
1000 a) Evanston
2000 c) Western Meadowlark
4000 c) 50th
8,000 b) Indian Paintbrush
16000 d) Wyoming, Montana & Idaho
32,000 a) Gannett (33 feet higher than Grand Teton)
64,000 b) Bear (flows into the Great Salt Lake)
125,000 b) Cheyenne
250,000 d) pu-po zsha
500,000 c) Cutthroat Trout
1,000,000 d) Point of Rocks (Jim Bridger Power Plant at 14 stories tall)

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus knows me, this I love”