09/02/09 Grif.Net – Wyoming Quiz

09/02/09 Grif.Net – Wyoming Quiz

Who Wants to Be a Wyoming Millionaire?

$100 – Capital city?
a. Laramie b. Casper c. Cheyenne d. Sheridan

$200 – Wyoming is called the Cowboy State. What is its other state nickname?
a. Mountain State b. Land of Opportunity c. Sportsman’s Paradise d.
Equality State

$400 – State that DOES NOT border WY?
a. North Dakota b. Montana c. South Dakota d. Idaho

$1000 – Furthest south?
a. Evanston b. Jackson c. Chugwater d. Laramie

$2000 – State bird?
a. Sage Grouse b. Squeaker c. Western Meadowlark d. Bald Eagle

$4,000 – Population rank (2000 census)?
a. 42nd b. 49th c. 50th d. 51st

$8,000 – State Flower?
a. Big Sage Brush b. Indian Paintbrush c. Mules Ears d. Columbine

$16,000 – Yellowstone National Park is in which state(s)?
a. Wyoming b. Wyoming & Montana c. Wyoming & Utah d. Wyoming,
Montana & Idaho

$32,000 – Tallest peak?
a. Gannett Peak b. Grand Teton c. Garnett Peak d. Laramie Peak

$64,000 – What Wyoming river system does NOT eventually drain into an ocean?
a. Little Snake b. Bear c. Powder d. Green

$125,000 – Largest City (2000 census)?
a. Casper b. Cheyenne c. Laramie d. Cody

$250,000 – Pronounce “Popo Agie”?
a. po-po a-gee b. po-po ah-jee c. pa-po-jee d. pu-po zsha

$500,000 -Native to Wyoming?
a. Rainbow Trout b. Brook Trout c. Cutthroat Trout d. Cutthroat & Brook

$1,000,000 – In what area is the tallest building in Wyoming?
a. Casper b. Cheyenne c. Laramie d. Point of Rocks

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