12/18/08 Grif.Net – World Geography Quiz

12/18/08 Grif.Net – World Geography Quiz

[Home from college for Christmas break? Keep that mind sharp with this
little bit of trivia!]

1. What percentage of the world’s oxygen supply comes from the Amazon

2. On what continent is found about two-thirds of the world’s fresh water?

3. How did the nation of Brazil get its name?

4. What nation’s capital city is located on two continents?

5. What country contains more lakes than the rest of the world combined?

6. What is the smallest island with country status?

7. What city was first in history to reach 1 million people?

8. What is the world’s largest (in volume of water) river?

9. What city has the reputation for being the oldest continually-inhabited
city in the world?

10. In what nation is the world’s highest waterfalls?

Bonus: How did that waterfall (#10) get its name?

(Answers next Monday)


[Answers from Monday’s US Geography Quiz]

1. What US state contains the most coastline? Alaska, more than ALL the
other states combined.
2. What US city has the second largest Polish population (just behind
Warsaw, Poland)? Chicago
3. What US city’s “Woodward Avenue” carries the designation M-1 since it was
the first paved road in the nation? Detroit
4. What is the full name of the city we call L.A.? El Pueblo de Nuestra
Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula
5. Who gave New York City the nickname ‘The Big Apple’? Traveling Jazz
6. What US state contains no natural lakes? Ohio, though it claims a part of
Lake Erie
7. What was the original name of the capital city of Minnesota? Pigs Eye,
named after Pierre ‘Pig’s Eye’ Parrant who set up the first business there.
8. What US city has more Italians than in Rome, Italy, more Irish than in
Dublin, Ireland, and more Jews than in Tel Aviv, Israel? New York City
9. What percentage of roads/streets in the US are unpaved? 1%
10. In what state is the deepest hole ever made in the USA? Texas. It is the
size of 20 Empire State Buildings deep and only inches in diameter
Bonus: How many miles in every hundred of an interstate highway must be
straight enough and without an overpass to be useable as an airstrip in time
of war or emergency? 0 – it was briefly considered in 1944, then abandoned
before the present interstate system was developed

Dr Bob Griffin,
“Jesus knows me, this I love”