08/22/08 Grif.Net – Grandpa’s Favorities: Silly Stuff

08/22/08 Grif.Net – Grandpa’s Favorities: Silly Stuff

Have the last four of my grandchildren here to visit this summer, so thought
I’d share some jokes about their Grandpa’s life. Final Installment = Silly

Christian: “Grandpa, why did you give up dairy farming and go to work in a
candy factory?”
Bob: “I just wanted to milk chocolate.”

Austin: “Grandpa, may I please have some more orange juice?”
Grandpa: “Take it easy there, oranges don’t grow on trees, you know.”

Lexi: “Grandpa, can I watch the eclipse?”
Grandpa: “Yes, but be careful and not get too close.”

Jadin: “Grandpa, why are you wearing two suits tonight?”
Grandpa: “There’s a costume party and I’m going as twins.”

Bob: “Hey, did you hear something?”
Grandkids: “No.”
Bob: “Really? I’m telling funny jokes to you.”

Dr Bob Griffin,
“Jesus knows me, this I love”