01/22/08 Grif.Net – Origins

01/22/08 Grif.Net – Origins

I love to study word/phrase origins, but some I assumed correct were not the
true origin. Wonder how well you’d do (without google, as always)
discerning the real origin of these A&B words/phrases. MY guesses are in

Example: BEDLAM (chaos with the grandkids) really comes from ‘Bethlehem
Hospital for Lunatics’ in London by King Henry VIII. Bethlehem was
shortened to Bedlam.

1. ALMANAC (old farmer’s diary)

2. APPLE-pie order (neat as a pin)

3. ASSASSIN (murder for hire)

4. Take a BACK seat (everyone riding in my car)

5. Got out on the wrong side of the BED (grumpy old man)

6. BIG cheese (boss)

7. To the BITTER end (’til the last dog dies)

8. BLACKMAIL (they found the pictures)

9. BOBBY (my nickname or an English policeman)

10. The BUCK stops here (not when I’m deer hunting)

Bonus: BUS (football player for the Steelers)

Dr Bob Griffin,
“Jesus knows me, this I love”